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2017-09 Sabarish Vadarevu has passed his Ph.D. viva, Congratulations to Sabarish! Sabarish is now a postdoc at Melbourne.

2017-04 Javier Otero-Perez has passed his Ph.D. viva, Congratulations to Javier! Javier is now a postdoc at Melbourne.

2017-01 Ati Sharma will be visiting the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, UCSB, for the first three weeks of January, under the programme Recurrent Flows: The Clockwork Behid Turbulence and speaking at the associated conference, Recurrence, Self-Organization, and the Dynamics Of Turbulence.

2016-12 The UK Fluids Network Special Interest Group on Flow Instability and Control will be organising its first meeting in 2017, 29-30 March, at the Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton.

2016-11 The UK Fluids Network has funded our Special Interest Group on Flow Instability and Control. The SIG is led by Yongyun Hwang (Imperial) and Ati Sharma (Southampton)

2016-02 Peter Heins is awarded his Ph.D. Congratulations to Peter!

2014-07-11 Passivity-Based Feedback Control of a Channel Flow For Drag Reduction by Heins, Jones and Sharma wins prize for Best Application Paper at UKACC Control 2014

An example showing a complex packet of structures produced by only three modes from the model of Sharma & McKeon (2013).

The Journal of Fluid Dynamics featured our paper in its Focus on Fluids section, written by Prof Joe Klewicki.

2013-08-28 Report in Professional Engineer (IMechE publication)

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2010-07-01 Imperial College reporter: Good Fellows